Construction Adjudication

Adjudication provides a quick and inexpensive solution to many disputes arising under a Construction Contract.

Although it has been available since 1998, many contractors still have not taken advantage of the benefits offered by the adjudication procedure.

What are the benefits?

  • It is quick – disputes are resolved in 6 – 8 weeks of the appointment of an adjudicator
  • It is inexpensive – adjudication is far less costly than either court proceedings or arbitration proceedings.
  • It is less risky than arbitration or court proceedings – unless the parties have agreed otherwise each party nears its own costs in adjudication and the losing party cannot be ordered to pay the winners costs.
  • It does not bring the contract to an end – work will continue on the contract whilst the adjudication proceeds so that the sib contractor is not going to lose the opportunity of completing the contract simply because he has asked an adjudicator to resolve a dispute that has arisen during the contract.

Adjudication is particularly helpful in sorting out disputes on interim applications and on final accounts.

We have acted in over 140 adjudications in the last 10 years. We are very experienced in advising on and acting in adjudications and providing our clients with the benefits of this innovative and effective dispute resolution procedure.

Fixed cost adjudications.

Adjudication remains the quickest, safest and most economic way of pursuing a construction debt. Clients are however concerned as to the costs of adjudication bearing in mind that those costs cannot be recovered from their opponent even if the adjudication is successful.

We offer fixed price adjudication. We will charge the following for the preparation, issue and conduct of adjudication proceedings

  • For claims up to £25,000 we will charge £3500 plus VAT plus disbursements.
  • For claims between £25,000 and £100,000 we will charge £5000 plus VAT plus disbursements.
  • For claims between £100,000 and £200,000 we will charge £7500 plus VAT plus disbursements.
  • For claims over £200,000 we will agree a fixed price for the preparation, issue and conduct of adjudication proceedings.

The fixed-price will apply once a decision has been made to proceed by way of adjudication and does not include work before that decision is made which may for example concern the service of notices, initial correspondence between the parties, advice on the preparation of the claim etc.

If you have construction dispute why not call us to discuss whether adjudication would assist you – we are happy to assess your case on a no obligation basis – 0800 107 1960.