Construction Payment Disputes

Interim Application Disputes

If a sub contractors interim applications are delayed, unpaid or short paid it will suffer serious financial hardship. Recent changes in the law mean that it is now easier to obtain payment of unpaid applications. Any action taken must be in accordance with the contract between the parties or, if there is no contract in accordance with the terms implied by the Construction Acts.

C E Law has great experience in advising on the obtaining payments due in respect of unpaid or short paid interim applications.

Final Account Disputes

Many sub contractors find great difficulty in finalising their final account applications. Negotiations carry on for months until they are forced to accept a very low sum just to draw matters to a conclusion. CE Law can assist in final account negotiations in the following way:

  • We can advise on the contractual provisions concerning the final account and ensure that the Final Application is made on time and in the right format.
  • We can check whether the Employer is entitled to further information demanded from the contractor or subcontractor.
  • We can advise on the presentation of claims for delay and disruption and prolongation.
  • We can advise of set offs against the proposed final account.
  • We can advise on how to get a speedy decision on the final account if an agreement proves impossible.

Sub Contractors do not need to negotiate for months at the end of a job. C E Law can assist with the settlement of final accounts and the collection of sums due.

Initial debt letters

Many debtors pay on a properly worded and credible letter from a solicitor demanding payment.

We are now able to issue initial letters claiming sums from your debtors without charge on the basis that we will receive a fee from sums received. W will charge 2.5% of the first £10,000, 1.5% of the next £10,000 and 0.5% of any sums received over £20,000. We hope that is a fair charge for the service. If no sums are received there will be no charge and we shall consider what further steps can be taken to obtain payment of the sums claimed

If you are having difficulty obtaining payment of an Interim or Final application why to call us to discuss your difficulties? We are happy to consider your problems on a no obligation basis – 0800 107 1960