Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution 

CE Law has substantial experience of conducting mediations and other forms of dispute resolution on behalf of its clients.

The cost of any proceedings can be prohibitive and the parties should do all they can to avoid the escalation of disputes.

Recent years have seen the development of Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures which can assist in the settlement of disputes quickly and inexpensively.


Mediation is increasingly popular and the courts increasingly require the parties to try mediation before matters are heard before the court.

Mediation is available to parties either before or during court proceedings or arbitration.

The parties jointly appoint a mediator who meets with the parties and explores the possibility of settlement with them.

Provided there is a willingness on the part of both parties to try and resolve the dispute a mediator can often provide the key to unlocking a settlement.

Expert Determination

As an alternative to Mediation the parties could consider Expert Determination as a method of resolving their dispute. The parties agree to have an independent expert nominated to resolve the dispute and to be bound by his or her decision/.

They provide him or her with brief details of their positions and the evidence they believe illustrates their case. The expert then investigates the matter and decides the issue.

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