As a smaller specialist firm of solicitors we do not have the costs associated with larger firms. This allows us to adopt a flexible and tailored approach to our client’s legal costs giving you the best value for your money.

Here are just a few of the ways we help our clients save money on legal representation:

  • Our clients often recover a greater proportion of their legal costs from their opponents in the event that they are awarded costs than clients represented by larger firms
  • We are happy to offer a free no obligation assessment of all problems
  • We have a low basic charging rate – typically 30% lower than the equivalent in larger specialist firms
  • We can offer agreed fees for specific projects or parts of projects.
  • We can sometimes offer no win no fee agreements for adjudication in appropriate cases
  • We provide an estimate for all works and will discuss the likely cost of works before any decision is made to receive

Discounted Fee Scheme

Many of our clients seek advice regularly throughout the year. They may ask us to review a document, advise on a delayed payment or discuss a development on site. In order to assist them we have developed a Discounted Fee Scheme. Clients purchase 12 hours of advice for the cost of 10 and pay monthly throughout the year. The advice can be used to obtain advice as and when it is required without the need to worry about what it is costing or whether it will be followed by another bill! The time purchased cannot be used for the preparation, issue or prosecution of proceedings but is intended to be used for general matters as they arise throughout the year.

The National Legal Consortium

Clients can now join C E Law's National Legal Consortium - full details of the scheme can be seen at

Clients of the National Legal Consortium pay one annual agreed fee (which can be paid over 12 months) for all their construction law advice.

Clients of the National Legal Consortium could save tens of thousands of pounds if they find themselves in court proceedings and will be able to take on matters that they would otherwise not be able to afford to take advice on.

Clients are able to display the National Legal Consortium logo which lets those they deal with know that they have access to unlimited legal advice and are not concerned about legal fees in the event of a dispute.

The National Legal Consortium Agreed Fee Scheme can be used to seek advice on any matter falling due after enrolment but once enrolled, clients of the National Legal Consortium are eligible to a discount of 15% on C E Law's legal fees for matters arising before they enrolled.

Potential clients are advised to enrol as soon as possible as the sooner they enrol the more they will save.

If you have construction dispute why not call us to discuss whether we can assist you – we are happy to assess your case on a no obligation basis – 0800 107 1960.