Construction Contracts

Many contractors do not read or do not understand the contracts under which they hope to be paid for their work.

As well as advising on disputes we can provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of the documentation used in construction projects, including building contracts, professional appointments, collateral warranties, bank and surety bonds, insurance issues and on the construction aspects of development, lease and funding agreements.

C E Law can review contracts before work commences and provide a short report identifying “problem clauses” and suggest alternative clauses.

During the course of the works we can advise on problems that arise on site and advise what remedies may be available under the contract and in particular:

  • Payment Notices and Pay Less Notices
  • Notices to suspend works
  • Termination notices
  • Notices of disruption on site
  • Delay notices

Employers and main contractors are increasingly relying on the strict interpretations of contracts when dealing with sub contractors, it is important that sub contractors obtain advice and comply with their contractual obligations if they are not to lose their rights under their contracts.

Recent European legislation requires any contractor entering into a contract with a consumer outside its place of business must provide the consumer with notice of its right to cancel the contract within 14 days of the receipt of the notice. A failure to do may mean that the contractor commits a criminal offence and may mean that the contractor has to repay to the consumer all sums received for the work it has done. All contractors need to ensure that their contract terms are brought up to date to include this important change in the law.
We can provide contract terms for both domestic and commercial use at an agreed cost to ensure that our clients comply with the requirements of the law.

If you would like us to consider a contract before you sign it or a contract you have already signed or if you have received a notice and do not understand it why not call us?

We are happy to discuss such issues on a no obligation basis – 0800 107 1960